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Polyester Hologram & Color Coated Film is made by the application of chemical coating on Polyester Film. This product offers much more versatility in application with its unique luster and brightness to fashion items such as embroidery spangles, hot melt transfer film, glitter powder, metallic yarn, etc.

  •    Hot Melt Transfer Film
  •    Glitter Powder
  •    Metallic Yarn
  •    Various usages for Embroidery Spangles Etc.

  •    Made by the manufacturing processes of Hologram Embossment & Color Coating Treatment.
  •    Excellent luster and Brightness. Ideal for hot melt transfer film,embroidery spangles,
       glitter and metallic yarn.
  •    Most diverse applications of Polyester Hologram and/or Color Coated Film.

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