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Polyester Metallized Film is one of the most widely used plastic films in the world and it is the main product of DAE HA Industrial. It is settled deeply in our lives today and puts its purposes in making the best of its luster, giving products to its vividness by applying the luster to the surface of polyester film and enhancing the value added by improving the feature. Dae Ha Polyester Film has outstanding qualities of tenacity, thermal resistivity, durability against solvent deformation. And it is highly diversified in its applications-from industrial through packaging, Metallizing or embroidery spangles.

  •    Food & Medicine Packaging
  •    Label & Release Film
  •    Hot Melt Transfer Film
  •    Embroidery Spangle
  •    Glitter Powder
  •    Metallic Yarn
  •    Stamping Foil

Polyester Film for Packaging provides outstanding printability with its excellent shear strength and thermal stability. In addition, it features its unique molecular structure to block the inflow of air, which is ideal for general packaging.

Polyester Aluminum Metallized Film is made from Metallized Aluminum on Polyester Base Film. It offers effective barrier & impermeability property against moisture and oxygen. In addition, Aluminum Metallization on the film adds the excellent textural feature of brilliant luster and reflectivity. This product is ideal for food & medicine packaging, spangles, toys and fashions.

Dae Ha Spangle is made with 125μm and 150μm Polyester Film processed by Aluminum Metallization, Hologram Embossment & Color Coating Treatment according to the required type for Spangles. Spangle represents the brilliant luster and brightness of above processed Polyester Film, which adds sparkle to the embroidery products, giving the simplest design a more interesting appearance.
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